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in Smart TV system

Smart TV -this is a technology for the interaction of the Internet with modern TVs and set-top boxes, thanks to which you can watch movies, series, cartoons on home TVs and other media content 
with very easy internet access.

* Approx.-Smart TV technology must be integrated into your TV or TV  set-top box. When buying, look for the SmartTV icon or on the package or in the instructions_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-156d_5cf

DMSDruFILMS-you will find this icon in the list of applications in your TV or set-top box, provided that they have built-in SmartTV technology

Opera TV Store-alternatively, you can find the DMSDruFILMS application (it is free) in the specified application store. Again, all manipulations must be performed on your TV or set-top box with Smart TV

List-due to the fact that in the struggle for the buyer, various manufacturers introduce obstacles to the integration of third-party applications(it's like with power connectors on different models of smartphones)DMSDruFILMS application (it's free) is available on the following TVs, set-top boxes and players:Sony TVs and Blu Ray players, Amino, ARRIS and Changhong set-top boxes, Hisense TVs (produced since 2016), Samsung Blu-Ray players, Skyworth TVs, Swisscom set-top boxes, Toshiba L5650 TVs, Vestel TVs.The list of interfaces and TV brands is constantly updated. Follow our updates. cooperates with the Norwegian company OperaTV and keeps a "hand on the pulse".

Smart TV –in any case - you deserve it and it's cheaper - join new viewing technologies and watch Russian films and films in Russian from friendly countries through the DMSDruFILMS application (it's free).Note: In this system, we use a partially free model for showing films and series

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Russian films, films of co-production with the participation of the Russian side and films made outside the Russian Federation, but in Russian. Watch movies in Russian, learn Russian language and culture, support and develop your Russian language!

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