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Dear media content licensors and sales agents!


One of our missions is to help you make money on Russian films and films in Russian from the DMSD library.


We guarantee:

  • purity of copyright for each film (on DMSD - only licensed content);

  • diversity by genre and year of production;

  • high quality (*for films after 2012);

  • adaptation of prepared digital copies of films (*under reasonable technical requirements);

  • subtitling and duplication (if necessary);

  • constantly updated library of films;

  • marketing and PR support (*with the participation of actors, directors and film producers);

  • flexible terms of cooperation;

  • strict observance of the legislation of the territories, including censorship and ethical issues;

  • strict observance of the concluded agreements.


DMSD is attentive and prompt to every request! Contacthere!


At DMSD, every request is responded to promptly! Contacthere!


Or at  E-mail –


Contact us! We will always agree on the price and conditions!

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