The Rattle of Drops on Glass 

Title in Russian: "The Rattle of Drops on Glass"

Production year: 2019

Country: Russia / Italy

With closed cations in English and Japanese

Screenplay: original, written by German Sadchenkov

Based on the works of Marina Gudz

Director: German Sadchenkov

Producer: Marina Yatsenko

Genre: poetic mystery-bouffe / drama

Duration: 62 minutes

Cast: Daria Khramtsova, Yulia Pozhidaeva, Mikhail Safronov, Polina Simachyova, Olya Titova and others.


Brief annotation of the film: This film is like a poetic mystical conversation of a strong and at the same time weak woman, heart to heart with her beloved and with herself about memory and hope for happiness. The female lead appears at different ages: a little girl, a girl, and a woman. The action happens one evening, in a large house where the family once lived in.


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