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How to watch DMSD content
Amazon Prime

DMSD content on Amazon Prime


VOD-publishing and paid display of legal media content on the Amazon Prime platform


who are our clients:

creators and copyright holders of films, series and animation produced in the Russian Federation and / or CIS countries, as well as their official sales agents

who are our viewers:

viewers around the world who have access to an Amazon Prime subscription or who have an Amazon account

Start of our official partnership:


watch at

Watch Ru and CIS movies, series and animation on the Amazon platform on the Internet at web address


Use the Prime Video app (download from AppStore, download from GooglePlay)

on your phone, tablet or smartphone with iOS and Android operating systems

or on a TV that has a built-in Smart TV operating system. 


To learn more, go to the Amazon website to the section:

How to Watch a Prime Video Title 


List of
compatible devices

List of territories for
viewing content

Other territories

Subtitles (localization)

The list can be viewed HERE:

Devices Compatible with Prime Video

The Amazon platform uses a system of territorial licenses,
which is related to the system of licenses and subscriptions.
Therefore, DMSD films, series and animations are available for viewing

by everyone in a certain territory.


Main viewing territories for DMSD content

on Amazon Prime Video:

>> USA    
Great Britain
>> Germany / Austria
>> Japan

To search for DMSD content outside of the specified countries,

please use the search barAmazon site

Ru and CIS DMSD content is provided with subtitles (CCs) in English.

Less often, there are subtitles (CCs) in German and Japanese.

All of our subtitles comply with US federal broadcasting and television regulations and requirements.

How to watch
on the

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