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How to buy DMSD content

SELECT FROM DMSD aggregator/distributor library: 

  • exclusive films, series and animation (own production or exclusive license) 

  • content produced in Russia and the CIS

  • foreign films, series, animation
    and music programs (Europe, America, Asia, Australia), 18 thousand units


  • copyright purity (in the DMSD library - only licensed content) 

  • variety by genre and year of production 

  • high quality 

  • flexible pricing 

  • compliance with the laws of the territories (*including censorship and ethical issues) 

  • contract compliance 

  • timely reporting


  • adaptation of prepared digital copies of content to technical regulations

  • subtitling and dubbing into different languages

  • upscale (improvement) of archived films and series [SD to HD]


  • in DMSD each purchase (licensing) request
    processed promptly, 

OPTIONS for display license sales: 

  • paid, royalty-shared and free

  • piece or package

  • for a period of 1 year or more

  • exclusive license or non-exclusive

  • media to choose from (air, satellite, cable, online, offline)

  • territories to choose from (Russia, CIS, the whole world)

DMSD is:

  • distribution and aggregation

  • own shows

  • 2 markets for different content: Russian Federation/CIS and non-CIS countries (America, Europe, Asia, Australia)

  • long-standing partnership with Amazon Prime

  • regularly updated library of films, series and animations 

  • marketing and PR support
    (*with the participation of stars) 

  •  flexible terms of cooperation 

COMPLETE the purchase of licenses for displaying content managed by DMSD:


  • for federal TV channels of the Russian Federation

  • for digital multiplexes RF

  • for wholesale buyers (licensees)

Catalogs DMSD has all the necessary data
for preliminary evaluation
each unit of media content.

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