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Title in English: "Redemption"

Production year: 2011

Country: Russia

Scenario: adaptation, author ___________

adaptation of the novel by Friedrich Gorenstein
(writer of Solaris)

Producer: Alexander Proshkin

Genre: drama / military

Duration: 121 min.

CastCast: Victoria Romanenko, Rinal Mukhametov, Andrey Panin, Tatyana Yakovenko (SEE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS HERE), Viktor Sukhorukov, Sergei Dreiden, Ekaterina Volkova, Natalya Morozova, Alisher Umarov, Nikolai Butenin and others.


Brief synopsis of the film: The action takes place in a devastated southern city of the USSR on the eve of the first post-war New Year 1946. Here, where until recently representatives of various nationalities lived in peace and harmony, the Moloch of War divided them into victims and executioners, gave rise to infinite compassion and inhuman baseness. However, the post-war life in devastation, hunger and poverty turned into a severe test. A dishwasher, the widow of a hero-pilot, steals from a police canteen in order to feed her sixteen-year-old daughter and two goners, whom, out of the kindness of her soul, she sheltered in her miserable dwelling. The indignant daughter denounces her mother, and the victim of the denunciation is sent to atone for sin in prison.

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