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about the rights of copyright holders



Dear Copyright Holder and Licensor!

The DMSD aggregator strictly respects your right to:

  • RIGHT TO OBSERVANCE OF THE LAW.In the online library DMSD (Digital Media Streaming & Distribution) - only licensed content;

  • RIGHT TO UPDATE.With our films and series, you do not have to worry about whether your gadget has enough memory - DMSD (Digital Media Streaming & Distribution) films can be shown on devices with any video image quality and memory size;

  • THE RIGHT TO SELECT A DEVICE FOR VIEWING.Movies and series DMSD (Digital Media Streaming & Distribution) can be watched on any device connected to the Internet: phone, smartphone, iPhone, tablet, laptop, netbook, macbook, desktop computer, TV or TV with Smart TV system;

  • RIGHT TO AUTOMATION.DMSD (Digital Media Streaming & Distribution) movies and TV shows are optimized for viewing on screens of various resolutions, from low-resolution mobile phone displays to the highest quality monitors and TVs, so you don't have to waste time on tedious settings;

  • RIGHT TO OWN VALUES.You can choose to watch DMSD (Digital Media Streaming & Distribution) movies and TV shows for free or paid. If you think that a content producer should not make money from viewers, choose films and series with free screenings, but with ad inserts. If you want to focus entirely on a movie or series, watch them in the highest possible quality and with the correct subtitles in different languages - you only need to choose the way of such a show - buy to your library or rent for a while;

  • RIGHT TO OWN TIME.You can stop watching a movie from the DMSD (Digital Media Streaming & Distribution) online library and continue it later at your convenience;

  • RIGHT TO MOBILITY.If a mobile lifestyle is your forte, when watching DMSD (Digital Media Streaming & Distribution) movies and TV shows in your account, you can easily switch between devices: for example, starting watching on your home TV, you can switch the show to your smartphone or laptop;

  • RIGHT TO PROTECTION FROM UNWANTED CONTENT.If you are a Family viewer, then to watch DMSD (Digital Media Streaming & Distribution) movies and TV shows, create a multi-user account and register your family members with different levels of access to different categories of content;

  • RIGHT TO SUPPORT.Each right holder and its distributor or sales agent are guaranteedprompt responses to inquiries regarding films and series from the DMSD (Digital Media Streaming & Distribution) online library

Thank you for visiting the site of the aggregator


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