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The First Star of the "Titanic" | Ida Orloff's Film Biography

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

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She became the movie star of the very first "Titanic".

Though, this movie hit of its time was called differently.

And the fact that the film follows the Titanic tragedy is what the audience thought.

Who is she and what movie is this?

Read this KinoBlog post about her below.

Main collage for Ida Orloff's film biography | KinoBlog & Ru KinoStarz Project
Main collage for Ida Orloff's film biography


Norwegian, Austrian and German theatre and film actress, dancer, opera singer, radio announcer, and translator of Russian origin Ida Orloff was born on February 3, 1899 (old style) in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire (now it is a city within the Russian Federation).

She's from a family of Russified Prussian Germans.

Ida Orlova is a pseudonym.

She took it with her debut on the theatre stage in 1905.

Full real name at birth (by parental side):

  • Ida-Margarita Georgievna Veisbek.

German family entry: Ida Margaretha Weissbeck.

Second name (after remarriage of birth mother):

  • Ida Edler von Eberswald.

Solid nickname:

  • Idushka.


The film biography

of Ida Orloff

in this post will be expanded

when the book

"With "Oscar" and Nearby"

is released,

it will happen soon:

Cover of the book "With the Oscar and next to you", 2023, author - Oleg Lubsky, the book is being prepared for publication
Cover of the book "With "Oscar" and Nearby", 2023, author - Oleg Lubske

About Parents and Family

About Education

Artistic Career. The Beginning

Film and TV career. The Beginning

About Emigration

Film and TV Career. Summery

Filmography of Ida Orloff is on the KinoBlog media partner portal - link after the post.

Ida Orloff, Film Biography in Development

Additional details of Ida Orloff's film biography will follow from KinoBlog later.

Stay tuned for KinoBlog announcements and RU KinoStarz® registry updates.

The Last Path

Ida Orloff died at the age of 46 in a result of suicide.

According to the memoirs of her contemporaries, in early April 1945 she refused to leave her house, although she was offered to move farther to the west to hide from the advancing Red Army. She believed that her knowledge of Russian would be a pass to a quiet life for her.

It is believed that she committed suicide out of fear of further violence against her by the Soviet military, having taken a large dose of sleeping pills after the first attack.This tragic event took place on April 9, 1945 in her own house in the suburbs of Vienna, the settlement of Tulnerbach (now part of the federal state of Lower Austria, Austria).

Reburied in the cemeterybetween the villages of Prefibaum and Rekawinkel, Austria (the first burial place was in the garden of her own house).


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Ida Orloff - in the registry Ru KinoStarz, world movie stars of Russian origin. Filmography - on the media partner portal: IMDb.


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