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The Tale of the Fox. To the 80th Anniversary of the French Premiere

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

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This feature-length cartoon has gone through 3 premieres. And today it is experiencing the fourth, dedicated to the anniversary date - the 80th anniversary of the premiere of the film in French, in the language of the country, which sheltered a family of talented Russian film emigrants and gave them the opportunity to create and leave a mark on the map of the world cinema.


"Le Roman de Renard" or "The Tale Of The Fox") is a French full-length black-and-white puppet cartoon by Vladislav and Irina Starewitch. The film was filmed silent in 1930. Voiced in German and released in April 1937 in Berlin (Germany), then dubbed in French and released on April 10, 1941 in France.

The film is based on the famous French medieval satirical epic "The Romance of the Fox". For the film, in particular, the Starevichs used its German version by Goethe (the 1793 novel "Reinecke the Fox").

KinoBlog's note: in the photo above - Vladislav Starewitch and Irene Starewitch, his older daughter, pose with the actors disguised as the heroes of this cartoon.

Movie remastering of 1930/1937/1941 executed in 2021 at DomMedia Holding ( and

is dedicated

to the 80th anniversary of the premiere of the French sound version of the film, produced by a family of famous Russian film emigrants:

  • Ladislas Starewitch

  • Nina Star

  • Irene Starewitch - KinoBlog post will be published soon.

In the photo below - Vladislav Starewitch and his younger daughter Jeanne (in the future - Nina Star) pose against the foreground of the models of the dolls used in the production of this puppet cartoon:

The above mentioned remastered version of the film in French, with English subtitles, can be watched for free here

(© DomMedia Holding & DMSD 2021):

The film on the portal of our media partner - on IMDb

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